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Alliance Green Power offers a full range of PV products with leading-edge technology,including string inverters, central inverters, storage solutions, smart energy monitoring and managing systems, which are completely applicable for residential, industrial and commercial rooftops, large-scale ground plants and storage systems.

  • o PV PLANTS ‒design, manufacture and installation and commission
  • o Photo-voltaic inverters,
  • o Supply and installation of UPS and Solar Batteries
  • o Solar Energy storage products, as well as smart energy monitoring and management systems.
  • o Development of street lighting projects
  • o Infrastructure development Covering Construction Power, Roads & Buildings
  • o Solar Water Heater

Utility Scale Solar Power

AGPE has extensive experience in utility scale solar; including both groundmounted systems and large roof-top installations. Our ground-mounted experience extends across all kinds of terrain, including complex sites with high degree of inclination and demanding ground conditions.

With our in-house engineering capacity, we provide optimized solar plant designs for each project ‒ taking account of specific site and local ambient conditions.

AGPE solar power plants utilize well proven equipment from their suppliers. We have extensive experience in application of both string and central-ized inverters, while we offer both fixed installations and single-axis tracker systems depending on project requirements. All installations are carried out under the supervision of AGPE experienced project engineers.

Electrical Infrastructure

AGPE ensures that your solar project is designed and delivered with all necessary electrical equipment and infrastructure to ensure a reliable integration with the electricity grid. We have the capacity and experience to provide full turn-key electrical substations, with the latest protection and automation systems. Our substation experience extends from medium voltage up to 400kV, to cover all possible grid integration schemes.

Our substation designs ensure successful grid integration by taking full account of national grid code requirements, active/reactive power and grid stability issues. We also ensure that the required telecommuni-cations infrastructure is in place to provide a fast and reliable connection between the PV plant substation and the grid operator.

Energy Storage

We provide large-scale battery based energy storage solutions, both integrated with solar PV plant and stand-alone. Apart from the ability to store and deliver energy on demand, the responsiveness of battery systems makes them ideal to provide network operators with innovative solutions for frequency response which help to stabilize electricity grids.

Energy storage systems are generally supplied in modular de-signs, which are easily scalable and are able to deliver multi-MW output. In order to successfully apply battery technology in utility scale applications we apply sophisticated control concepts with automated battery management systems.

Hybrid Systems

We provide large-scale battery based energy storagHybrid power generation systems combine solar power generation with conventional forms of power generation and energy storage technologies, to enable a reliable supply of high quality electricity, either to the network or to off-grid consumers such as mines. These solutions enable the user to significantly reduce the cost of expensive fuel, such as diesel, while ensuring that the power plant output is fully controllable to match the required demand profile.

Building on the groupʼs extensive experience in thermal power generation, AGPE is well placed to provide hybrid power generation solutions to match project needs.

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